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Introducing TRUSTe Privacy Policy with Seal

  • Protection from privacy liabilities.
  • A privacy policy is required by law.
  • Give customers confidence to click.
  • 86% of consumers know the TRUSTe seal!

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A privacy policy is a legal document that is required by law in some jurisdictions, as well as being required for services like Google AdSense. With privacy related lawsuits being more common sites without a policy are at serious risk. Mitigate risk and save the high cost of hiring a lawyer by leveraging the most trusted source for online privacy, TRUSTe.

Privacy Policy

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Save time and money with a quick and simple solution that puts your site in compliance with the law and eCommerce best practices.

Privacy Policy with Seal

30-Day Free Trial - Then just $119.95/yr

All of the benefits of the TRUSTe Privacy Policy with the addition of the recognizable TRUSTe Seal for increased customer confidence.

Note – Privacy Policy with Seal includes up to 1500 Seal impressions per month.

About TRUSTe

As the leading internet privacy services provider, TRUSTe helps thousands of businesses promote online safety and trust, and guides consumers to sites that protect their online privacy. TRUSTe helps both consumers click with confidence and online companies promote their Web site privacy policies online. Thousands of Web sites rely on TRUSTe's privacy, including top-fifty sites like Yahoo, Facebook, MSN, eBay, AOL, Disney, Comcast and Apple.

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